Welcome to the site of Robert Nieuwenhuis. I would like to take this opportunity to present my work experience in the field of technical management and advice, which forms the basis of my present freelance activities in live entertainment.



Having had a broad technical education (General Operational Technology) and several years experience in various technical companies, I came in touch with the theatre through Joop v/d Ende Theaterproducties in the year 1997. After this period I start working as freelancer, which I am now doing for several years. Working in the theatre enabled me to evolve into the technical key figure of the entire production process whereby technology never formed a goal in itself but is an instruments in achieving the creative design and idea.


Apart from the big musicals, for which I used my technical and project knowledge to serve the high level of quality, I have also been in the oppertunity to support small scale and/or subsidised productions with a very limited budget to realize their ambitious goals. In big as well as in small productions my technical knowledge together with my experience in project management proved to be the ideal combination in order to achieve the desired results.


Experience shows that present day productions are increasingly becoming more technically complex. Solid technical knowledge proves to be the key precondition for a trouble-free but most of all safe integration of technology. Knowledge of laws concerning the workplace, knowledge of project management, supervising co-workers and taking the creative concept as point of departure (keywords common to my working activities) have been proven to form the ideal combination in order to create an excellent production.Please browse through the site to acquaint yourself with the various productions to which I have contributed. As there are far more possibilities beyond the scope of this site I heartily invite interested parties to contact me.



Robert Nieuwenhuis